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IntroductionMy name is Gary Moody, I am the Director of Australian Waterproofing Company Pty Ltd based in Victoria, Australia and this is my waterproofing blog. The aim of my blog is to be as informative as possible about all aspects of waterproofing and keep all my viewers up to date with the current Australian Standards.

Did you know “tanking” or a more modern term “waterproofing” is considered among a number of experts as the third oldest trade behind carpentry and masonry? It’s been around for approximately 13,000 years. Waterproofing is driven by the human desire of shelter; to shield ourselves from environmental elements. Even the Great Pyramid of Giza had a bitumen emulsion applied to the foundation with reed fibres applied in cross layers it was applied about 10mm thick….. just amazing.

I think we can safely say the technology has improved dramatically since then.

There is a statistic often quoted in the building industry Waterproofing is around 1.8% of construction cost, but accounts for 83% of building defect complaints to builders. Almost 80% of all complaints against builders are ether design faults or application failures, manufactures don’t make membranes to fail but it’s important to select the correct membrane for your project so make sure before you start its fit for purpose.