Roof Tops Waterproofing Melbourne

Rooftop Waterproofing Melbourne

Australian Waterproofing Company specialises in rooftop waterproofing in Melbourne using membrane systems. We can install a membrane system for new construction getting it right from the start of your project or we can refurbish an existing leaking rooftop and extend its longevity. We can also convert your existing rooftop into a rooftop garden using a revolutionary layered membrane system.

Common problems with rooftop waterproofing  Melbourne

Rooftop failures are due to four common factors:

  1. Thermal Movement – Rooftops expand and contract significantly in Melbourne’s ever changing weather conditions. As the rooftop heats and cools throughout the day damage can occur to the membrane, therefore reducing its lifespan. Australian Waterproofing Company has the capabilities to tailor a waterproofing solution to suit Melbourne’s weather conditions and thus offers reliable rooftop waterproofing in Melbourne.

  2. Aging and Weathering – Rooftops are the most exposed area of a building often having to withstand Melbourne’s extreme environment. Our changing weather patterns can put pressure on older membrane systems, eventually causing leaks and damage to the underlying building. At Australian Waterproofing Company we are experts in selecting an appropriate waterproofing membrane system to suit your project and the Melbourne weather.

  3. Mechanical Damage – It is often standard on larger commercial and domestic apartment rooftops to have plant equipment, such as air conditioning units, hot water services and mobile phone towers. All which need to be serviced regularly. As a result damage can occur to the membrane as plant equipment is repaired and replaced. Although this damage is accidental it has massive repercussions once water penetrates the membrane. Australian Waterproofing Company has trained technicians that can diagnose and repair your rooftop to prevent any further damage.

  4. Incorrect Product Selection and/or Application – At Australian Waterproofing Company we pride ourselves on our partnerships with major waterproofing manufacturers and have taken the time to train our waterproofing technicians on each product so you will get the best possible outcome for your rooftop project.

So, if your building’s needs rooftop waterproofing, then opt for our services, we are one of the leading providers of rooftop waterproofing in Melbourne

Rootop waterproofing in Melbourne