Retaining Walls

Waterproofing Retaining Walls in Melbourne – Liquid Rubber Spray Systems

Rising water tables can increase hydrostatic pressure on basement and retaining walls. The construction of more below ground basements, along with local councils requiring more landscaping, and therefore retaining walls on new projects increases the need for waterproofing to these areas.

Why choose Australian Waterproofing Company for waterproofing retaining walls in Melbourne?

  1. Our fully qualified technicians are accredited in the latest waterproofing techniques. We can tailor waterproofing solutions and installation to the current Australian Standards, your budget and project requirements.
  2. We utilise state of the art products, such as spray applied Liquid Rubber for waterproofing retaining walls in Melbourne. We stand by the strength and flexibility given by the quality of the raw materials used to make these products.
  3. We have invested a great deal of funds in owning high performance spray equipment, insuring consistent, fast and easy application.

Typical retaining wall and basement waterproofing

Liquid Rubber Spray Membrane can be applied to most surfaces, including bricks, limestone blocks, insulated polystyrene concrete walls and precast panels for waterproofing retaining walls in Melbourne.

Preparation is the key. A clean, dry smooth wall is essential prior to the Liquid rubber membrane system been applied. At Australian Waterproofing Company we take pride in our ability to prepare surfaces, apply membrane correctly and get success for our clients.

  1. Liquid Rubber applied to sub-straight.
  2. Protection board installed.
  3. Termite matt. (if needed)
  4. Dirt back full.
  5. Small stones compacted over the aggie drain.
  6. Make sure the aggie drain is placed below membrane and footing.
retaining wall waterproofing

Diagram of the process of waterproofing retaining walls in Melbourne


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