Leak Detection Report

Leak Detection Report Waterproofing in Melbourne

Australian Waterproofing Company has qualified technicians that are experienced in their field. We can assist in locating leaks and also provide a detailed report on how to rectify the issue. Reports are designed to clarify the waterproofing/leak issue on your project. This enables you and related trades to understand how the problem has occurred and customise a solution, preventing further water ingress into your investment.

When providing a report we provide an independent and impartial assessment of the problem. These reports can sometimes inadvertently find that at a builder or other contractor is responsible for your water ingress issues. Our aim is to provide the platform and opportunity to solve the issue rather than place blame. All reports are written from a professional point of view and Australian Waterproofing Company’s only interest is finding the correct long term sustainable waterproofing solution for your project.

To assist us with a more accurate assessment we can also perform live flood tests and scan the areas with a state of the art thermal imaging machine.

There is a cost associated with every report cost start at $800 – $2,000 per report.

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